March 2005 | Electrical Engineer
To telescopically look into the future, one needs to reflect on the past. At least in the macro. To the surprise of most, India played a significant role in the history of quality. Globally. A significant reference to India in “History of Managing for Quality” edited by the quality guru, Dr J M Juran, bears testimony.
March 2005 | Tribune
Joseph Moses Juran was born on 24 December 2004 in Braila, Romania. On 24 December 2004, Dr Juran completed 100 healthy years. His life can be equated to a century of quality.
7 March 2005 | Business Standard
Managing for quality is considered to be a prerequisite for an organization’s success in the market and the customer’s mind space. Over the years, the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) has been a symbol of a new era of competitiveness and has captured the imagination of many business leaders in India. They have realised that high quality and performance standards must be maintained to compete against increasing globalisation. In addition, executives have endorsed RBNQA as a useful tool as it stimulates real competition. To know more about how the Indian business community is adopting the IMC RBNQA criteria for quality and performance breakthroughs, read on.
October 2004 | Assignment Abroad Times
For the Japanese, quality is next to godliness, quite literally. In Japan, quality maintenance engineers of an aircraft fly the first flight with the passengers, post maintenance. But not long ago, Japan was known more for its counterfeits and cheap imitations.
September 2004 | Electrical Engineer
Car makers and television manufacturers, banks and hospitals, airlines and couriers, electricity boards and municipalities - all afflict us with poor quality. We add to this misery through our own frequent failures to do things right the first time in our personal lives.
September 2004 | Business India
On 24 December 2004, Dr Joseph M Juran will complete 100 years. This year, quality and management leaders across the world are celebrating this historic event.
28 July 2004 | Assignments Abroad Times, Mumbai
The man behind the synthesis of the term ‘quality’ in management, Dr Joseph M Juran, was paid rich tributes by IMC’s Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) Trust recently, by commemorating his birth centenary year.
20 July 2004 | Business Standard
Quality is an idea; it changes with time. Quality is a perception, it is a moving target. At the start of the twentieth century, quality implied an essential goodness of nature (an object of great quality), or a high grade of manufacture (high - quality goods).
July 2004 | Chemical World
A supplier/customer relationship is forged whenever a business purchases goods or services from another and each time a person asks another to undertake an activity. A process is any activity, which takes an input and transforms it into an output.
9 July 2004 | Chemical World
In the days when “good enough” or “chalta hai” was good enough, a company expected that as much as seven per cent of the parts it received and seven per cent of the goods it shipped out would be defective; and that figure does not include the number of defective parts caught by inspectors and not shipped. Today, some of the best quality companies no longer count the number of defects per hundred but the number of defects per million.
May - June 2004 | IMC QT2
The new cycle for Ramkrishna Baiaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) for the year 2004 has already commenced. Prospective applicants are at present busy putting together their applications, anxious to meet the deadline of 16th August 2004, the last day of receiving applications at IMC office.
May - June 2004 | IMC-QT2
This summary is adapted from a document used by AT & T In the Formative years of Six Sigma. It derives strength from the works of Dr. J. M. Juran
24 April 2004 | The Financial Express
There is a quiet and unnoticed quality movement which started in the industrial town in Punjab, Mohali which is slowly taking roots in some of the other parts of north India.
11 March 2004 | The Financial Express
Excellent companies pay explicit attention to values. Values are what the company stands for and gives everyone the greatest pride and satisfaction in a timeless manner.
11 March 2004 | The Financial Express
The IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award criteria have gradually matured over the past seven years. Starting as a simple quality management system framework the criteria have evolved to a catalyst for ‘making quality happen’-World-class.
11 March 2004 | The Financial Express
An important aspect of any planning. exercise is to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to formulate a strategy for success. In order to conduct your SWOT effectively, you must use a good assessment model.
11 March 2004 | The Financial Express
Dr. Joseph M Juran is a living legend. He is recognised as the world’s foremost quality expert. Since 1945 his life and work have been synonymous with quality management.
November - December 2003 | IMC-QT2
Mr. Niraj Baiaj, Chairman, IMC Frontier Technology and Quality Improvement Committee and Suresh Lulla, Chairman, IMC RBNQ Awards Committee, are the driving force behind the IMC RBNQA right from its inception. In a conversation with Chandragupta Amritkar, they spoke on the importance of the award.
November - December 2003 | IMC-QT2
Grasilene Division is engaged In the manufacturing of Viscose Staple Fibre to cater to the needs of about 280 Textile Mills. With increasing competitive pressures on the business, Customer Satisfaction became the key factor to sustain in the market.
November 2003 | Business Newsweek
The IMC RBNQA Examination Process is rigorously structured in itself. Anshuman Tiwari who has been an examiner for several years goes through the process.