July - September 2018 | Quality India (A QCI publication)
This article appeared in ‘Quality India’ magazine (A QCI publication), July-September 2018. This is truly a Quality Fable. It is a story I have fabricated using a little bit of this; and a little bit of that.
18 June - 01 July 2018 | Business India
From early June, there has been much said about our national carrier, Air India. Almost all have been critical about its operational inefficiency, as well as interference of politicians and bureaucrats.
21 May - 03 June 2018 | Business India
In the days when historians assumed that history began with Greece, the Greek historian Herodotus recorded the first known reference to cotton grown in India.
March 2018 | Aweshkar (A Peer Reviewed Research Journal)
A well reputed hospital in Thailand had developed a mysterious problem. They were not able to discharge their patients when the patients were ready to leave.
14 January 2014 | Arab Business Review, January 2014
The outcomes of successful opinion surveys are opportunities for improvements (OFIs) and initiatives. Often times such OFIs and initiatives are further defined through well-planned discussion groups of the survey results.
November 2017 | Indian Management
Is Quality Popular? In theory Perhaps Not in practice. Is quality a fully delegable responsibility? No. What are the challenges to muster support for a specific quality initiative?
November - December 2017 | The Smart Manager
On a Sunday afternoon, I received a long-distance call on my landline, from the Vice Chairman of a tractor manufacturer in North India. He was calling from his factory, where he, his wife, and the surviving workforce had locked themselves in, a few days back.
October - December 2017 | Quality Quest (Newsletter of Quality Forum)
Suresh Lulla is a pioneer in the quality management profession. Quality Forum interviewed him on August 24th, to understand his views and reactions on the current issues related to quality in industry.
September 2017 | Aweshkar (A Peer Reviewed Research Journal)
My American visitors. Frank and Annetta, had moist eyes. We had hosted them for their stay in Mumbai at the most prestigious hotel in South Bombay, and were all set for a meal at the Indian restaurant.
September 2017 | Indian Management
Quality management involves problem solving. This is very akin to the problems solved by the Fire Departments in our cities. A couple of decades ago, a premier hotel in South Bombay caught fire. Thankfully it was a Sunday, and the early hours of the morning with negligible activity in the hotel and minimal car traffic in the vicinity.
April 2017 | Indian Management
Risk Management Ought to be a Strategic exercise rather a reactive measure. The early Greeks, Romans, and Indians did not worry about uncertainty-the very idea would have been foreign. They believed that everything was predestined. In India, we called it, and still do, karma.
15 March 2017 | Business Standard
I have learned the power of the term interdependence. I believe, for performance excellence, organizations must understand the power of the principle of interdependence.
February 2017 | JetWings
Suresh Lulla, author of Quality Fables, elucidates through significant examples how creating a culture of quality is imperative to driving success and productivity.
16-31 July 2016 | Electronic Engineering Times - Asia
Concern for environmental damage caused by industries’ pollution has reached fever pitch globally. Proactive waste management systems practiced today are still in the “end-of-the-pipe” phase. They need to move beyond recycling to work at minimizing waste generation.
July 2016 | Indian Management
Quality may just be the secret ingredient that drives India’s rise at the global level. At the end of World War II, Japan emerged a shattered nation, with negligible natural resources, damaged factories, and no buying power. However, the citizens of Japan had a great desire to survive, and succeed.
03 March 2016 | Business Standard
We need a change in mindset. MADE IN INDIA must be our overarching national brand. A brand that is more important than our individual organizational brands.
Jan-Feb 2016 | The Smart Manager
Think of a craftsman. The craftsman that built the Taj Mahal, Konark Sun Temple, Pyramids of . Egypt, etc. What attributes do you associate with this craftsman?
30 September 2015 | http://sureshlulla.com/blog/
Quality is about delighting your customer. Delighting through product and service features that satisfy the customer; as well as that are delivered to the customer without deficiencies.
September 2015 | Indian Management
Multinational banks are known to invest in excellent infrastructure and executives. The lowest designation for a new campus recruit two decades ago, in India, was nothing less than Vice President. Salaries matched the designation.
19 March 2015 | Business Standard
Organizations are increasingly recognizing the critical role suppliers play in the success of their own operations and businesses.