About Qimpro

Qimpro® - India’s first Quality Management Consultancy, has been a forerunner for Improvement, Innovation, Cost Reduction, Performance Excellence, and Benchmarking in the country since 1987.

Qimpro® has served reputed Indian Business Houses, MNCs, SMEs, Hospitals, and Educational Institutes in Asia. Collectively these clients have saved in excess of INR 25,000 crore as a by-product of Quality Improvement; specifically, by strategically addressing their Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ).

We specialize in:

» Problem Solving
» Cost Reduction
» Performance Excellence
» Left-brain Logical Thinking
» Right-brain Creative Thinking
» Benchmarking

We measure our own performance by a unique metric: How soon can/have we become redundant at our client site?

Anticipating disruptive change in our business and social environments, Qimpro® has already digitized several aspects of our training and consulting services - with home grown IPs and internally developed products.

Our focus in this New Normal environment is Intelligent Cost Reduction – in Business, Healthcare and Education.

Our Purpose

Since 1987.
To build a sterling brand - MADE IN INDIA.

Our Mission

Enabling client organizations to weave Quality Management into Business Management. Thereby, building a robust brand MADE IN INDIA.

Our Brand Claim

Accelerating transformation.
Since 1987.