Leadership for Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence is no longer a choice for Leaders and Senior Managers. It is also not rocket science. 

Organizations have an abundance of star performers across functions and departments. They are usually solo performers. In Business. In Education. In Healthcare. 

Performance Excellence in an organization is achieved when all star and non-star performers function as an orchestra. With no erroneous activities. Resulting in a WOW from customers! 

Leadership for Performance Excellence is designed for Leaders and Senior Managers. The objective is to bring structure to what they already know from their individual experiences. 

Since the elements of Performance Excellence are dormant or latent in the target audience, this BestPrax/Qimpro service is designed to spark understanding …. through Quality Fables.

Quality FablesTM for Performance Excellence - Classroom

Children and leaders are alike. Their attention span is miniscule. They are distracted. The only way to get them focused for seven minutes is by narrating stories.

Stories glue leaders. At Qimpro, we call these stories, Quality Fables.

Quality Fables are based on actual Qimpro experiences with manufacturing and non-manufacturing clients. They are seeded with deep lessons. Most of these lessons can facilitate steering your organization to Performance Excellence. To your collective Leadership Vision.

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Performance Excellence Pro - Digital

Performance Excellence Pro is a Quality Fables driven digital offering from Qimpro.

The objective of this program is to help managers to clarify for themselves their understanding of Performance Excellence.

This unique learning program has the following structure:

  • Basics of Performance Excellence video
  • 7 Quality Fables videos
  • Each fable is seeded with elements of Performance Excellence
  • Exercises with each Quality Fable
  • e-Certificate of Completion

This orientation is a useful input for Performance Excellence Masterclass candidates

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Performance Excellence Masterclass - Roundtable

A masterclass is a coaching class conducted by an expert for a compact group of talented managers. Ideally, it is conducted around a roundtable for 10-12 participants.

For this Performance Excellence Masterclass, the mandatory pre-requisite for candidates is over 7 years of relevant work experience. The more the better. In Business. or Education. or Healthcare.

Proficiency in experiential learning can be an advantage. As also, communication and facilitation skills.

The Performance Excellence Masterclass is interactive. It is meant to answer hundreds of questions relating to coaching and facilitating the implementation of Performance Excellence models.

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