History & Milestones

  • 1988

    Tata Steel awards the first 'Juran on Quality Improvement' assignment

  • 1989

    Hosted the first Qimpro Convention in Pune

  • 1990

    Established Qimpro Awards for Individual Excellence in Business

  • 1991

    Suresh Lulla commenced writing a Quality Column for Business India

  • 1992

    Established QualTech Prize for Team Excellence

  • 1993

    Established Qimpro College for certifying facilitators and trainers for quality management

  • 1994

    In partnership with the Juran Institute, Qimpro conducted an assignment for the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

  • 1995

    Suresh Lulla was on the Board of Editors for the book ‘A History of Managing for Quality’, J M Juran, Editor-in-Chief, ASQC Quality Press.

  • 1996

    Dr J M Juran grants Suresh Lulla permission to launch the IMC Juran Medal. This was the first occasion Dr Juran granted permission for use of his name

  • 1997

    Suresh Lulla was appointed as Chairman of the IMC Quality Awards Committee

  • 1998

    Signed up with a new knowledge partner, Quality Council of Indiana, USA

  • 1999

    Qimpro awarded multiple assignments by the Aditya Birla Group in Thailand and Indonesia

  • 2000

    Established Qimpro Foundation

  • 2001

    Qimpro, in partnership with A F Ferguson, conducted a quality and productivity assignment for a giant auto manufacturer in Iran

  • 2003

    Suresh Lulla authored “World Class Quality: An Executive Handbook’, published by Tata McGraw Hill

  • 2004

    Suresh Lulla was awarded the IMC Juran Centennial Medal for his pioneering contribution to quality practices in India

  • 2005

    Suresh Lulla was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • 2006

    Suresh Lulla was conferred the award of Fellow Member by the Institute of Management Consultants of India

  • 2007

    Formalized BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd. as an independent entity

  • 2008

    BestPrax Club invited to membership of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), founded by Dr. Robert Camp

  • 2009

    Suresh Lulla was appointed as Director - Membership Engagement and Retention by GBN

  • 2010

    Suresh Lulla was appointed as Regional Advisor (West) by Quality Council of India

  • 2011

    Suresh Lulla re-commenced writing a Quality Column for Business India

  • 2012

    Qimpro turns 25 on 20 November, 2012

  • 2013

    Introduced the online course - Problem Solving for Managers

  • 2014

    Developed a digital course Problem Solving PRO. Suresh Lulla authored the first volume of Quality Fables

  • 2015

    Introduced Qimpro Champions League (QCL) for students. QCL seed Quality Management skills. Suresh Lulla authored the second volume of Quality Fables

  • 2016

    Introduced the Quality Fables Competition as a new feature at the 28th Qimpro Convention

  • 2017

    Suresh Lulla authored the third volume of Quality Fables. Conducted a Quality Fables video driven workshop on Performance Excellence in Kuwait

  • 2020

    QualTech Prize launched as a Virtual Edition. Editing on Suresh Lulla's final volume of Quality Fables commenced