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How it all started?

In the mid 1980s, when quality surfaced as a differentiating factor, leaders were eloquent at seminars and conferences about the criticality of quality for exports. Unfortunately, the emphasis was only on quality control. The real differentiator, they realized through experience,  was quality improvement. It offered strategic advantage. read more

The competition recognizes team excellence, and is open to organizations with Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing processes, in India and Overseas
Three Ways to Participate
As a Project Team

Cross-functional teams – across industry – that have worked on one or more improvement and/or innovation projects in manufacturing and/or non-manufacturing processes.

Since 1989, approximately 500 organizations have submitted close to 1,700 projects for the competitions.

As an Examiner

Industry veterans or young hotshots with minimum 5 years of specific subject matter expertise.

Our panel of examiners holds a prestigious positioning in the minds of industry.

As a Delegate

Problem Solvers looking at cross-industry benchmarking to take their projects to the next level.

Learn from India’s biggest companies and brightest teams - even one idea could be worth hundreds of lacs!


A fantastic event , brilliant presentations by companies, world class , Indian organisations have truly proved that on Quality and Innovation they are amongst the best in the world . Qimpro in 25 years under Mr Suresh Lulla’s leadership has really facilitated in bringing Indian organisations on the world stage. Very creditable achievement as it strengthens India’s competitiveness as a nation. Onwards to the next quarter century...
Prof. Virendra Shukla, Adj Professor, SIMSR, Mumbai