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A Quality Fable is a 500-word narrative on how your project was conceived – the non-technical story behind your project.

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Trust Rebuilding with Unions & Engagement for Community Wellbeing
Rajeev Saxena

As we hear about the spread of COVID-19 in India on every passing day,it is important to assess not only the physical and health ramifications of the pandemic but to anticipate the subsequent emotional impact it will have on the overall wellbeing of individuals.
Humans are naturally oriented toward other humans and are inherently built for social connection.Socialisation plays a key role in both, individual and societal learning,development and even survival.In times like these when we are forced to stay at home or work with restricted manpower,observe social distancing,wear face mask and hand sanitise frequently,the new normal triggers anxiety and emotional isolation for many.Under the changed scenario,it became imperative for organisations to prioritize the health and safety of its employees during these testing times.We understood the need to rebuild the lost trust of management with our workers Unions BMS & INTUC because of their 25 days long illegal strike during Nov-Dec 2019.As a Head of Plant HR we immediately swung into action and organised meetings with key people of the Unions to evolve a fruitful strategy to involve other union representatives and workers in various COVID specific activities to protect our workmen and their families from any possible attack of this virus.We, in consultation with representative Unions formed dedicated teams which was deployed in our workers residential colonies for door to door thermal screening, hand sanitisation,support to our Medical Team for health Check-Ups,meal distribution for stranded migrant workers prepared by pool of workers and their families.Unions also served meals from late evening till mid-night for in-transit common people passing through Maihar town. Apart, the teams kept a close watch on any foreign entry in-to their residential colonies.

As a result, anybody who came from surrounding districts, states or from Red/Orange Zone is immediately identified, checked and home quarantined for next 14-days.The Team also kept a close watch on the adjoining slum having population of around 1800 families & approx. 8000 residents wherein More than 40% of our contractual workforce resides and many workers young children who were working in metro cities were returning back to their homes during the lock down.In a special awareness drive on Covid-19,SDM,Tehsildar and HR Team led by VP-HR took rounds of on-the-spot awareness session in this slum, as a result no case was reported till date.Team also kept an eye on local market activities and support management and local administration. Unions ensured tight control on local shopkeepers & vendors during ongoing lockdown.
The ultimate objective of all these activities was to keep our workforce, their families healthy and safe enough to pass through this phase of difficult times and stand stronger physically/mentally.We closely worked with our unions,stakeholders & govt. machinery and have been successful in our mission of ensuring safety of our workers,their families & surrounding population as well as smooth resumption of full plant operations with almost 50% workforce deployment.

The Changed Habit
Global Indian International School

The morning prayer starts with ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’ at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Whitefield. This is a daily ritual to calm the mind and breathe in peace as every student starts the day with positive thoughts. Most students follow this, but then Tarun, studying in Grade 7 often comes late, intending to miss the call for mindfulness and is quite happy about it.

One day, the respected Principal of GIIS Whitefield, Mr. Dev Rao makes his popular surprise visits to the classes, and discovers some thought-provoking observations calling for immediate attention. He notices that in many classes, some students are maintaining peace merely during the two minutes of prayer. As the classes start and the day advances, few students including Tarun, show signs of behavioural issues - lack of interest in the class, bullying, feeling lethargic, eating disorders, arguing with classmates for no reason and lack of agility being the most common. The same day Mr. Rao calls for an immediate meeting with all department heads to identify how best they can amend the situation.

arun is an average student managing to score only 46% in academics. He is hyperactive and an annoying attention seeker that makes him a misfit in the class. But his class teacher Ms. Deeksha knows he is capable of better work, if he focuses. He loves physical education classes and football. His teachers are very patient and adjust to his mood swings. His parents, Mr. Anil and Mrs. Padma, cannot stop worrying about him. They say, ‘We belong to the suburbs and want to see our only son score good marks in class.’ Like Tarun, a survey shows signs of behavioral issues in many other students. In another meeting the stakeholders discuss and arrive at a proposed solution. The management approves the initiative stating that the project is well detailed and finalizes at rolling it out as CAP (Child Assessment by Parents) project.

Tarun’s class teacher Ms. Deeksha gives him the CAP form to be filled by his parents. He submits it the very next day. Based on responses provided in the CAP form, Ms. Deeksha now analyses the causes and identifies the patterns. Post analysis, she appreciates Tarun’s good behavior and strikes a friendly conversation with him to choose the right path of counseling and conditioning for him.

These CAP forms are distributed among students and help to diagnose and remediate problems. They enable students to change habits and excel in academics and evolve as better and smarter individuals. This remarkable initiative in GIIS Whitefield under the leadership and continuous guidance of Mr. Dev Rao is helping to strengthen the bond of students with their teachers, parent(s), and fellow students. Students show a positive personality with increase in confidence, better concentration in studies and a pleasant nature.

Tarun receives the ‘Best Student of the Month’ award in his class from Mr. Rao and his parents and teacher are very happy. A total of 10 students are honoured for their achievements based on CAP results. They all recite ‘Asatoma Sadhgamaya’ and this is definitely a proud moment for Mr. Rao and all teachers of GIIS Whitefield.

Qutuhal: A Journey towards Curiosity
Global Indian International School

 A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Qutuhal was a well-planned goal with defined strategies and rubrics. Introduced in the year 2018 in collaboration with external service providers which later was taken up by team GIIS introducing more sustainable hands on learning experiences, critical thinking opportunities and ideation of real time challenges. Under the concept of Design Thinking, the whole idea was developed and deployed through various stages. 

The entire journey of Qutuhal started by empathizing the problems faced to achieve the 21st century skills. The challenge was deeply learned to understand the scenario and possibilities that can be introduced to overcome the situation in the best possible way. This was initiated by our Senior Director Operations by brainstorming the ideas with the Principal, Management, and the Academic Supervisors collaboratively and collectively. Each ideas were discussed with the pros and cons to invent the unique and smart solution for the challenge. Qutuhal was generated from the best solutions as a prototype which was agreed by the school management, Senior Leadership Team, GCIE (Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), a visionary venture of the Global School Foundation along with the staff of the institution.

The launching of Qutuhal was taken forward in the initial days as weekend activities that developed into a more sustainable and continuous activities both within and outside the school hours. This was focused on each and every student of GIIS irrespective of the financial background.

Qutuhal became backbone of school with products that met the next generation necessities like Robot making, Automated task completion, coding development, Flying drones along with the entry towards the International competition MAKE X and the UAE’s most famous educational fare the MAKER FARE. The product played a vital role in reaching the minds of the parents and engraving in the responsibility list of teachers as its derivation from the most ancient language Sanskrit which means Curiosity.

The year 2019 marked Qutuhal with a Big Bang by winning the MAKE X trophy of the year, which created a high demand in the course and extended the skill development workshops within the school hours to reach the services to maximum number of students. Apart from the student benefits, the product started to focus on the skill development of the educators. School gave an opportunity for teachers to avail training free of cost this helped teachers to incorporate the activities into academic and classroom learning in school. One particular result has been a noticeable improvement in participation of girls in the program which is against the trend worldwide. Inculcating the program within the curriculum has helped GIIS Campuses in UAE to ensure that no child is left out of this program.

Taking a glance to the financial development of the product Qutuhal  has helped in capital enhancement as it focus on paid after school and weekend activities for GIIS and Non GIIS students under the ADEK approval. The customers were financially satisfied with the selling price of the product as we have been successful in convincing the product advantages and worth of it. Marketing of the product was carried out in a wide range through various social networks such as hubs spot, Facebook, Instagram, My GIIS both by the institution and collaborated organization. This has made the publicity of the institution in well renowned manner. The enrolment of the students has increased to more than 50 % compared to 2018. Qutuhal has also demonstrated a remarkable increase in the academic admissions. The product has satisfied the school legacy and the brand enhancement through high quality learning experiences that exhilarated the 21st century skills.

Harshita Vishwakarma


“A hospital alone shows what war is.”


This quote hit Arun, the General Manager of ABC hospital, very hard. The pale and doleful faces of the attendants visiting their dear ones admitted in the hospital, the customer feedback at the end of each day and the unremitting urge to make the customer experience even better, made him ask himself, 

“Is there anything we can add to our existing services? Could any augmentation make our services more patient-centric and empathetic? How can we provide our patients with the assurance they need?”

Barraged with these questions, he became restive. He arranged an urgent meeting with the Customer Relationship Executive of the Hospital, Jhanvi. He delineated his concern to her and directed her to come up with a programme that, to some extent, can enhance the customer experience.


After days of brainstorming, talking with the staff of the hospital, analysing the feedbacks, looking at statistics of the patients, Jhanvi concluded that the number of obstetric cases was high and there were New Mothers every day. She said to herself, “We could implement a programme wherein the hospital celebrates with the parents the joy of welcoming a new member in the family.”


Jhanvi shared her idea with Arun, who readily permitted her to forge ahead with it. In consultation with the IP service manager, floor managers and nursing admin, Jhanvi came up with a small celebration programme for the young one which would include:


  1. Cake (Yellow in colour, symbolising new life) along with some decorations in the room.
  2. A congratulatory card.
  3. A small kit with all the essentials–dress for the little one with body essentials.
  4. A sapling given to the family to nurture and grow it along with their baby. It was touted as a way of thanking Mother Earth for the gift of life. 
  5. A photograph of the entire family with the baby.
  6. An immunisation card which will track the vaccination requirements and schedule of the baby.

She reached out to certain companies with the help of the Purchase Department who could sponsor the kits. The budget required was deliberated, and the programme was named “SMALL WONDERS".


Jhanvi proposed the programme to the higher management, outlining all the details and budget requirements. Her views accorded well with those of the management and they gave it a green light, directing her for early implementation of the programme.

The programme, at its nascent stage, was executed in Private and semi-private areas.

Gradually, the customer feedbacks became more encouraging and appreciative & positive word-of-mouth took a hike–the corollaries of increasing customer satisfaction. Most of the parents came back to the hospital for their follow-ups and vaccination of the newborn.

Considering the positive outcomes, later, a “Get well soon” card along with the follow-up details was given to other patients at the time of their discharge which gave the feeling that they are not alone in this war and that the hospital cares about their well-being.