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A Quality Fable is a 500-word narrative on how your project was conceived – the non-technical story behind your project.

Your story-telling skills can win this unique Quality Fables Prize.

There is an art to writing Quality Fables...First take a look at the Sample Quality Fables to get an idea of the tone, the style and the length of your story. Then select an interesting project experience or initiative done by your organization and capture it into a Quality Fable using 500 words or less. We urge you to run your entry by your Corporate Communications team before submission. You will score points for a well-crafted Quality Fable. read more

Hard work to Smart work - A story of change
Brillio Technologies PVT LTD
Excel and PowerPoint are good colleagues, theyunderstand each other and coexist very well. They’re supportive, hardworking and collaborative.Due to this, they believed that they’re the only ones who can provide any sort of analysis and visualisation. And our homo was in love with them, albeit a lot of struggle.

The stage is set for our annual ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey'. Tonnes of customer data over years flows into the analysis. Excel boasted of interesting formula and charts which the homo really liked. But, in the end, excel and power point had a bit of rivalry going on—bothwere jealous of each other’s features making it tough for the homo to seamlessly flow the data between. Excel was flexible but lacked visual appeal. Power point had lustre but lacked flexibility.

Our homo spent sleepless nights to ensure that data is correct and well formatted. But, during the presentations, there were mismatches. CSAT had many dissections and needed multiple viewsfor different stakeholders. Working on the same visualizations for different teams was the reason for this data mismatch. This dentedthe credibility of the entire process. This entire effortwas two months of hard work for both, and our homo. The homo started getting frustrated about the relationship and asked the duo "Why don’t you talk better to each other and make my life better?”. The Excel-PowerPoint duo had their own reasons not to.

After six years of struggle, a new person walked into the company. He looked stylish, well-built and had confidence in him. He was a fresher. Our homo noticed this smart guy and decidedto give him a try. He fundamentally questioned why should PowerPoint be the pair to excel? Why can it be a Power BI. He started a pilot. Every day, he brought in new charts, new patterns, to which the homo gave a try. Thus, Power BI and Excel teamed up with the past two years’ data to understand how quickly the analysis can be set up. Power BI grabbed everything and projected it almost live.

Now Power BI has the design of views even before the start of survey. It takes more and more data dimensions and provides brilliant correlations.Once the survey window closes and excel pushes the survey data, homo receives a first draft quickly.Power BIalso gives homo the comparison views with previous years. Hurray! The data is correct and can be drilled down at will. All the leadership gets data at the same time as per their span of control.

The difference this made? Work that used to take 2 months of effort came down to just 2 days!

“Spark neglected burns the house” - Quick Response to a complicated problem
Tata Cummins Ltd.

Sandeep Sinha the chief Operating officer of Cummins Group in India exited from the steering committee meeting between Cummins and Tata Motors Ltd., and started to walk towards his car, expressions of deep thought and concerned were visible on his face. He knew blocks were a bottle neck in achieving the numbers being asked by TML. TML was constantly asking for reasons for the sudden drop of supply and wanted the supply to be up. Emission changeover was around the corner and TML wanted to maximize sales in this pre-buy period. Sandeep entered his room and Ashwath Ram, Vice President manufacturing followed Sandeep. “What happened Sandeep?” asked Ashwath, “It has been one long meeting with TML on production numbers. TML is losing market share and we can’t let that happen for long” Sandeep said. “Well you know about the issues with block line, even if we buy a new machine we are down to 50% for next 8 months, its quality versus quantity, a catch 22 scenario” said Ashwath. “I know that, and I won’t ask you to compromise on quality but do something“Said Sandeep, “let me see to it” with these words Ashwath left and called an urgent meeting with key stakeholders Ashish Bhatnagar, plant Manager of TCPL Jamshedpur plant Master Black belt Sushma Mani and Block BU Head Ashwani Kumar, and asked them to start a Six Sigma project with an immediate effect to be completed less than 6 month.A cross functional team was formed with Anjan Mahanty as project lead. In the conference call with Sandeep, Sandeep promised all the resources however, “Anjan, I want a methodical coverage of this problem, I would be calling you for regular updates and support you but I need a date to commit to TATA Motors and you won’t get a day more”. “Right Sandeep I am on work” Said Anjan. Anjan was worried as he was the person who had the hands-on experience on this machine, and was trying to solve the problem without any results since last few months. Ashwini approached to Anjanand patted his back and said, “You look worried”, Anjan Said, “You know the effort gone into this machine, I am not sure how we are going to get this fixed in this short time, Sushma who was overhearing this conversation pitched in “We will do it Six Sigma Way”.

TCPL Block Machining lines were operating in full capacity to meet customer demands which were all time high and customer was gaining market share piggybacking on acceptance of Cummins engines. However, it was observed that honing parameters on Cylinder block were going out of specification. Soon High Engine Oil Consumption started reporting from the field in our engines and on investigation it was realized that surface finish is the root cause of these failures.

Based on Cummins philosophy of “Customer’s First” production stopped from this machine resulting in drop of production to 50%.

The project started at break neck speed with a deep dive Fault Tree Analysis done and constant leadership reviews followed. This was being done with a commitment to TML to start with the machine within 6 months of time. This project was closed in 172 days with a savings of around $32000.00.

Wisdom, Love & Care of Grandma
JSW Global Business Solutions Ltd.
Once upon a time there was a Grandma, she was so wise and popular among the children of the village, that all of them used to come and sit with her during the evening at the temple compound.

As the Lady was full of wisdom, the children used to ask a lot of questions to her, all of them will ask different questions at the same time, every child was keen to know the answer to his question, as a result, the atmosphere used to turn out into a chaos and very few lucky ones will have their answers.

The Grandma was really worried that she was not able to help the children, and share her wisdom with them effectively, a solution was urgently required, otherwise the children were losing out on learning, and there was a strong possibility that, she will also lose out on them. She discussed with Village seniors also, for their support and commitment for funds.

She wanted to increase, the number of questions handled per day, so that the response time comes down and more children can be satisfied by her answers. Next day onwards Grandma started collecting data.

To get more organized, she asked every child, to first write their questions on a piece of paper and put them all in a jar. Then she started taking out one paper at a time, and answer it, which all the children will attentively listen. Then she will ask the children to make a decorative chart paper, on which they will write some of the important questions of the day and their answer, and paste it on the wall of the temple compound for other children to see, who missed to come that day. She found that the number of questions answered per day have now gone up.

Still from the data collected she found that volume of question coming daily was much higher than the time available to answer them, so she identified some children who were hearing to her answers from long time now and had become smart learners. She gave names to these children as “Web_Portal”, “Mobile_app”, “sms_update” and “chat_bot”. She gave them the responsibility to filter out the questions that they can handle. This way, she made her time available for the new questions that were not covered by these four. She asked another two children to collect and allocate the questions, she called these children by the name of “software” and “skill Mapping”.

Further Grandma categorized the questions, subject wise and proactively informed the schools of the locality to make improvements in their curriculum, to address the children needs.

After making these changes, she found that, there is a reduction in the total questions being asked each day and also in the number of questions left unanswered. She started making a list of questions left unanswered, so that she can answer them on the next day. Now she was able to cater to much higher number of children with very few direct question coming to her.

In the spare time that she generated, she started sharpening hew wisdom further, and in order to extend her services in the neighboring villages as well, she started training selected grandma’s there to replicate her success story.

The Name of our Beloved Grandma was GBS_Vendor_Support_Cell

Daughter with Child
Sample with Video

This is a story I love to hear, again and again, from a member of the Qimpro Fraternity, about how the whale shark has been saved. And it is not fiction.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. It can grow to over 50 feet in length and weigh more than 10 tons. Each year, this gentle fish comes swimming all the way from the shores of Australia to those of Saurashtra, between September and May, to spawn in these waters. Whale sharks can live up to 150 years.

For years, its size and mellow temperament made it an easy prey to fisherman who profited from them. Until the turn of the century, these fishermen killed about 1,200 whale sharks each year. Not only was the whole fishing operation cruel, but by not allowing the fish to breed, survival of the species was in danger.

Thankfully, in 2001, the Government of India banned the fishing and trading of the whale shark.

Soon after, the Managing Director of a leading chemical company in Gujarat, set a challenging goal to save the whale shark along the coast of Saurashtra. But with the condition that it must become a world-class conservation project. He encouraged all employees from his company to get involved.

As a result, the ‘Save the Whale Shark’ campaign was launched, facilitated by this chemical company. The campaign had a team of logical, but unlikely, partners. The partners included: the company, Wildlife Trust of India, the Coast Guard, the Indian Navy, and the Ministry of Environment and Reefwatch. Besides providing financial assistance, volunteers from these organizations and institutions created awareness in the fishing community.

Street plays, games, posters, inflated flotillas, postage stamps, and school art competitions became the feed for building awareness. However, as always, building awareness had its own majestic pace.

Almost miraculously, the tide changed when the spiritual leader Morari Bapu, an interpreter of indic traditions, was co-opted into the campaign. In his discourses he reminded the community of the age-old Indian tradition of welcoming a ‘daughter with child’ into her parents home to give birth.

The analogy melted people’s hearts, and since then, the whale shark has not just been welcomed on the shores of Saurashtra but also fiercely guarded with parent-like protectiveness.