Quality Fables Competition FAQs

1. What is a Quality Fable?

  • A 500-word narrative of your project — told as a story — with a fictional set-up and characters. Engage your left-brain and right-brain to deliver lessons learned.

2. Who can particiapte?

  • The competition is open to anyone, world-over, who has a story to tell.

3. What is the entry fee?

  • There is no fee for this on-time competition for individuals.

4. What are the acceptable languages for submission?

  • Submissions will be accepted in English only.

5. What is the submission format?

  • Online, after you are given access to your dashboard
    - Title: 15 words
    - Story: 500 words
    - Lessons Learned: 100 words

6. Is there a limit to the number of entries we can submit?

  • 2 per individual

7. Is there any assessment criteria?

Examiners will consider the following points while evaluating your story:

  • How interesting and crisp is the title?
  • Is there a hero / heroine I can relate to?
  • Did the fable grab me in the first para?
  • Is there a humour element?
  • Was the project/problem/experience and solution clearly brought out?
  • Do the listed lessons learned reinforce management principles?

8. By when can we submit entries?

  • 15 May 2020 (extended)

9. Who will assess the entries?

  • A panel of Qimpro Certified Qualitists will shortlist 15 entries
  • Thereafter, Mr Suresh Lulla, Founder of Qimpro and Author of Quality Fable™ 1, 2 & 3 will select the top 5 entries
  • The winning entry will be selected based on the max number of votes it received on our website.

10. What are the felicitation categories?

  • Top 5 entries
  • Winner

11. What are the benefits of participating?

  • Unleash your creativity by using your left-brain and right-brain
  • Discover the story-teller in you
  • A chance to get published in Quality Fables 4, along with Mr Lulla's final 25 fables
  • A chance to be among the top 5 entries
  • The top 5 entries will:
    - be awarded an e-certificate
    - be showcased on our website
    - receive a complimentary login (worth INR 8,000) to our Problem Solving digital course
    - receive copies of Quality Fables 1, 2 & 3 with a personal inscription from the author.

12. Are there any samples we can look at?