05 June 2011 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Global terrorism poses a major threat to businesses the world over. As globalization sweeps the world, it has shrunk the world into a smaller place. Businesses are out of the governmental realm, and have little protection from terrorist activities.
05 May 2011 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Climate change has become a significant agenda for both the government and the corporate sector in the present decade. Climate affects all of us − and the recent forecasts on the worsening global weather conditions (climate change) and their potential to unleash unprecedented catastrophes is a significant cause for concern.
5 April 2011 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Effective leadership is fundamental to building an organisation with high standards of integrity and business ethics. With both the government and corporates becoming embroiled in varied controversies and scandals, the importance of guiding businesses with core values of integrity and ethical business practices is highly relevant.
05 March 2011 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Good corporate citizenship is about finding ways for society and business to work together. It is about an integration of ethical, economic, philanthropic, environmental and social values into the everyday running of a business in a seamless way.
05 January 2011 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Commercial enterprises and organisations which proactively asses and quantify the environmental impact of their business operations and resource consumption through the measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and implement strategies that reduce these emissions (‘carbon footprints’) will be able to build a competitive advantage, attract investment and build a sustainable business.
15 May 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The labyrinth of hospital work processes form the skeleton of the organization, the structure on which its survival and sustainability hinge. In order to outrace competitors and deliver consistent high quality healthcare, a hospital’s work process design must incorporate quality and flexibility.
01 May 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The healthcare industry is going through a period of transition, where disruptive technologies and empowered customers are shaping the business landscape. Strategic planning is therefore imperative for survival and sustainability.
15 April 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
As participants in the knowledge economy, modern-day educational institutions need to listen to the voice of their customers, focus on customer needs and expectations and adapt their strategy to the dynamic and competitive environment.
01 April 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Competition and an evolving customer have ensured that product and process improvement is on the agenda of every organization. Merely wishing to achieve improvement or even adopting a plug-and-play solution will not take the firm far.
15 March 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Organizations have long acquiesced that their employees partner them in their growth and success. But another truth has dawned – that this mantra goes beyond just employees. Sustainable growth and market leadership is achieved with the contribution of another crucial facet – Suppliers and Business Partners.
01 March 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Innovation is the process and outcome of creating something new that is also of value. It involves an entire process cycle from identification of opportunity, ideation and invention to prototyping and successfully implementing the idea. It thus creates new opportunities, new avenues and growth for an organization.
15 February 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Setting and maintaining high service standards are key to customer satisfaction and delight. They are also useful tools that help a firm maintain that delicate balance between taking care of existing customers and pitching for potential clients.
5 February 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
In every management sphere, leadership holds the key to setting the direction for organizational change and influencing people to follow that path. Able leaders know that their most important responsibility is to be a role model for the rest of the team and this is always demonstrated by being visibly active on the leadership track.
1 February 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
In today’s fast paced and extremely competitive global business environment, innovation is the compass that helps organizations to successfully navigate turbulent waters. But innovation alone is not enough. Managing innovation effectively and continuously enables successful organizations to gain that cutting edge, placing them a few steps ahead of their competitors.
15 January 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
An organization needs some ‘good’ churn to infuse new talent into the workplace. Today, however, the high rates of employee turnover can result in ‘bad’ churn for an organization. Industry reports put the attrition rate in India Inc in the range of 35-50% and this does not augur well for the management as it affects its ability to deliver quality and keep recruiting and training costs down, and creates significant continuity issues for long-term projects.
01 January 2008 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Thanks to the rapid changes in industry and market trends, the employment market is full of opportunities for top talent to move up the corporate ladder. Increasingly, the customer too has a plethora of options to choose from.
15 December 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis is a critical element of Strategy Development. It is a tool that enables top managements of organizations to assess their internal strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats in their external business environment, providing the right perspective for developing an effective strategy.
1 December 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Recognition is a powerful tool that promotes individual excellence, creates a highly motivated and committed workforce and enables the organization to attain its objectives. Companies are increasingly using a mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards, as well as formal and informal recognition measures, to reinforce performance and align employees to the organization’s vision.
15 November 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The networked economy today is awash with an information explosion on all manner of topics and fields. In a similar vein, the technological and economic boom we have witnessed in the past decade has led to increased consumption chains.
1 November 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
In the eyes of the consumer, the world today is teeming with choices where products and services are concerned. In the not too distant past, these choices only presented themselves as “clutter” to the consumer, leaving him feeling confused and disoriented about making a decision.