15 November 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The networked economy today is awash with an information explosion on all manner of topics and fields. In a similar vein, the technological and economic boom we have witnessed in the past decade has led to increased consumption chains.
1 July 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Organizational knowledge becomes a source of competitive advantage only when it is deciphered, shared and integrated into the organization’s strategic framework. Knowledge Management – the discipline that identifies, collects and utilizes knowledge from internal and external stakeholders – is thus emerging as a critical component of strategic management.
01 August 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Human capital is an organization’s most valuable resource. The emergence of the knowledge economy has elevated the human resources function to a role of strategic importance. In the current competitive scenario, organizations need to develop their manpower to the highest level of excellence in order to attain their strategic objectives.
15 July 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Organizations are increasingly discovering that building and managing knowledge assets or Knowledge Management (KM) as it is popularly known is the key to providing immediate and easy access to information to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. A KM system aggregates organizational learning with external knowledge from customers and suppliers to help the organization turn this asset into a sustainable competitive advantage.
01 July 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Performance measurement, analysis and review are critical steps in an organization’s progress towards its goals and vision. The objective of performance measurement is to steer the company to goal attainment, and enable it to respond to changes in the environment.
1 April 2005 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Performance measurement and management not only allows the organization to meet its immediate goals, but also enables it to align strategic decisions with the organization’s long-term vision and direction. The choice of data and metrics, and the integration of measurement outcomes into the organizational whole are crucial for effective performance management.