1 February 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Standards and definitions of stakeholder accountability have undergone a transformation in recent years. Today, the path chosen matters as much as the destination. To ensure that they do not lose track, organizations need to focus on measuring and monitoring various aspects of corporate governance and ethical behavior.
15 January 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Fundamental to the success of any organization is self-awareness. In other words, a firm needs to know its degree of effectiveness, and whether it has achieved the desired results. Building the capability to do so includes several elements, namely, the careful selection of universally accepted performance measures; setting metrics; and scoring on those metrics through the continuous optimization of organizational capabilities.
01 January 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Financial and market metrics have come of age. Traditional accounting and stock market outcomes are being replaced by tougher metrics that firms choose to pursue as their objectives in the quest for delivering stakeholder satisfaction.
15 December 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Human Capital is undoubtedly the most strategically important resource for firms operating in the knowledge economy. For the HR function to succeed in its role as a strategic partner and growth champion, it needs to focus on deliverables that flow from the organizational strategy.
1 December 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
While every organization recognizes the need to acquire new customers, very few succeed in retaining their existing customer base. The measurement of outcomes related to customer-directed operations is vital to ensuring sustainability and long-term value creation.
15 November 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The product or service outcome of a business is not merely the result of processes; it is the vital factor that justifies business operations and determines customer loyalty.