31 October 2018 | http://sureshlulla.com
Three decades back, there were few organizations that embraced Quality as a competitive tool. Most were engaged, rightly so, in getting their Quality Management Systems certified.
24 October 2018 | http://www.sureshlulla.com
Dr J M Juran, the Quality Guru, questioned this approach. Especially, the first step. He believed a change in ATTITUDE is not a switch On-Off option. His wisdom professed that a change in ATTITUDE always has its own majestic pace.
22 October - 4 November | Business India
Quality is defined by our customers, in terms of perceptions and expectations. People make quality happen, when they are empowered. The prerequisite for empowerment is capable processes.
28 September 2018 | http://sureshlulla.com/
Carbon black manufacture guarantees a carpet of carbon in the plant. Yet, at Thai Carbon Black I was told by the Plant Manager, “You can eat from the floor”. And he was right. Cement manufacture belches air pollution. Yet, at Vikram Cement the Plant Manager introduced me to a beautiful rose garden enveloping the plant. Wow.
19 September 2018 | http://sureshlulla.com
The most actionable definition of Quality is ‘Fitness for Use’. Such Quality can result in more than customer satisfaction …. something similar to customer ecstasy / delight. It should earn a “WOW” from your customers!
12 September 2018 | http://sureshlulla.com
In our turbocharged e-commercial world, branding has suddenly snatched centre stage. Riding piggy back on branding are best practices that deliver effective results, efficiently. I am a quality management professional.
10 - 23 September 2018 | Business India
Customers are the reason our organisations exist. The hard reality is that customers pay our salaries. When demand is greater than supply, the customer is easily forgotten. We are reactive to customer complaints.
13 August 2018 | Business India
Pot holes in Mumbai: A Quality Perspective
26 July 2018 | http://sureshlulla.com
We are living under the tyranny of the current vertical style of management. I call this silo management. Silo management breeds Costs Of Poor Quality (COPQ). A collection of avoidable waste, rework and other inefficiencies. Unfortunately, this phantom is legitimized in our budgets.
16 - 29 July 2018 | Business India
The industrial system – what we make, buy, and use – sits within a larger system of nature. This industrial system includes, amongst others, a wide range of products such as automobiles, TVs, laptops, mobiles, buildings, power plants, and so on.
18 June - 01 July 2018 | Business India
From early June, there has been much said about our national carrier, Air India. Almost all have been critical about its operational inefficiency, as well as interference of politicians and bureaucrats.
21 May - 03 June 2018 | Business India
In the days when historians assumed that history began with Greece, the Greek historian Herodotus recorded the first known reference to cotton grown in India.
March 2018 | Aweshkar (A Peer Reviewed Research Journal)
A well reputed hospital in Thailand had developed a mysterious problem. They were not able to discharge their patients when the patients were ready to leave.
14 January 2014 | Arab Business Review, January 2014
The outcomes of successful opinion surveys are opportunities for improvements (OFIs) and initiatives. Often times such OFIs and initiatives are further defined through well-planned discussion groups of the survey results.
November 2017 | Indian Management
Is Quality Popular? In theory Perhaps Not in practice. Is quality a fully delegable responsibility? No. What are the challenges to muster support for a specific quality initiative?
November - December 2017 | The Smart Manager
On a Sunday afternoon, I received a long-distance call on my landline, from the Vice Chairman of a tractor manufacturer in North India. He was calling from his factory, where he, his wife, and the surviving workforce had locked themselves in, a few days back.
October - December 2017 | Quality Quest (Newsletter of Quality Forum)
Suresh Lulla is a pioneer in the quality management profession. Quality Forum interviewed him on August 24th, to understand his views and reactions on the current issues related to quality in industry.
September 2017 | Aweshkar (A Peer Reviewed Research Journal)
My American visitors. Frank and Annetta, had moist eyes. We had hosted them for their stay in Mumbai at the most prestigious hotel in South Bombay, and were all set for a meal at the Indian restaurant.
September 2017 | Indian Management
Quality management involves problem solving. This is very akin to the problems solved by the Fire Departments in our cities. A couple of decades ago, a premier hotel in South Bombay caught fire. Thankfully it was a Sunday, and the early hours of the morning with negligible activity in the hotel and minimal car traffic in the vicinity.
April 2017 | Indian Management
Risk Management Ought to be a Strategic exercise rather a reactive measure. The early Greeks, Romans, and Indians did not worry about uncertainty-the very idea would have been foreign. They believed that everything was predestined. In India, we called it, and still do, karma.