15 October 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Teams are an integral part of every organization’s strategic framework. Highly committed and motivated teams with strategically aligned goals can attain high levels of excellence and generate competitive advantage.
1 October 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Businesses have, for long, revolved around the belief that ‘Customer is King’. The advent of the Internet and e-Commerce has made personal interviews, questionnaires and opinion polls not only easier but also more effective, by widening the net and breaking down geographical boundaries, and by reaching the customer in his space and time.
15 September 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
As the world clips at breakneck speed with technological advancement and product innovations all round, the need becomes more critical to exercise some caution and demonstrate a rational approach to ensure that the technological high we are experiencing in our times does not have a long-term, irreversible impact on the environment that we leave behind for the generations to come.
1 September 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
The dawn of the Internet era has made customers more demanding as expectations continue to evolve fuelled by real-time access to information and global reach. Traditional approaches to supply chain management prove inadequate to fulfill rising customer expectations calling for a new set of strategic objectives to triumph over the challenges posed by Web enablement.
15 August 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Strategy development is no longer a prerogative of profit-oriented businesses. The paradigm shifts in the global economic and competitive landscape have made it essential for non-profits to develop unique strategies that navigate them towards their mission and prepare them for the uncertain future.
1 August 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Training and Development is no longer a task-specific function which needs to be handled by the Human Resource department alone. Training is a continuous process – in fact, it is the essence of the Learning Organization. Training, or continuous learning, is the bridge that connects employees to the organization’s objectives. Thus, it is a prerequisite for sustainable competitive advantage.
1 July 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Organizational knowledge becomes a source of competitive advantage only when it is deciphered, shared and integrated into the organization’s strategic framework. Knowledge Management – the discipline that identifies, collects and utilizes knowledge from internal and external stakeholders – is thus emerging as a critical component of strategic management.
1 July 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Employees, assets, infrastructure and information form the most important elements of any organization. These elements require care and protection from disasters and emergencies for long-term business continuity and growth. While most organizations realize this and implement safety plans, these are often inadequate or neglected over longer durations. A safe and conducive work environment is a must not only for progress and prosperity, but also for long-term continuity of an organization.
15 June 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
‘Business with a Conscience’ must form the core of any organization’s strategy and culture. Organizations that are conscious of this truth implement a compliance framework to achieve sustainable development (SD) and the broader goal of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Such organizations earn respect and goodwill besides profits, and lead others on the path of doing business with a conscience.
1 June 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Value creation forms the core of any organization’s profitability and business success. The scope of value creation, although customer-centric, needs to encompass all entities such as shareholders, employees, suppliers and vendors and others associated with the organization. While integrating value-driven processes in the organizational framework is the first step towards value-creation, nurturing and building such processes at all levels is equally significant. The few organizations that consistently adhere to value-based processes join the select league of successful and respected organizations.
1 May 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Employee Cooperation, Initiative, Innovation and Empowerment are the critical pillars that support and strengthen the organizational edifice. Successful organizations grow fast and stand tall through the creation and proper maintenance of a high performance workplace.
15 April 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
In a customer-centric business environment, the ability to precisely identify the target customers and understand their stated as well as latent needs is not just an advantage – it is a core competency essential for survival.
01 April 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
In the long run, weaving ethical and legal behavior into the organizational fabric is vital for the success and growth of any organization. Today, top managements in most organizations realize this and are working to formulate a code of ethical conduct.
15 March 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Leadership is the key that unlocks potential in employees. Visionary leaders perceive this and are able to foster an atmosphere that encourages corporate and public responsibility, integrity and loyalty to the company and the community.
1 March 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Organizational values provide the foundation and shape the destiny of an organization. Leaders play a key role in evaluating, interpreting, guiding and building on these values to preserve the sanctity of the organization.
15 February 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
A Leadership System embodies all the processes, the tenets and rules that make up the way the firm does business, tacit and overt. Leading from the front, effective leaders set leadership systems that continue to evolve and thrive long after the leaders themselves have moved on.
1 February 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Standards and definitions of stakeholder accountability have undergone a transformation in recent years. Today, the path chosen matters as much as the destination. To ensure that they do not lose track, organizations need to focus on measuring and monitoring various aspects of corporate governance and ethical behavior.
15 January 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Fundamental to the success of any organization is self-awareness. In other words, a firm needs to know its degree of effectiveness, and whether it has achieved the desired results. Building the capability to do so includes several elements, namely, the careful selection of universally accepted performance measures; setting metrics; and scoring on those metrics through the continuous optimization of organizational capabilities.
01 January 2007 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Financial and market metrics have come of age. Traditional accounting and stock market outcomes are being replaced by tougher metrics that firms choose to pursue as their objectives in the quest for delivering stakeholder satisfaction.
15 December 2006 | BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.
Human Capital is undoubtedly the most strategically important resource for firms operating in the knowledge economy. For the HR function to succeed in its role as a strategic partner and growth champion, it needs to focus on deliverables that flow from the organizational strategy.