08 October 2014 | 26th QualTech Prize
The aluminium pots are need to cut out due to various reason i.e. completion of its life, non performing pots as per production target, leakages of pots, bus bar welding failure resulting no metal production during these period, so project was taken to reduce Turnaround time of pot.
27 September 2011 | 23rd QualTech Prize
As a Sustainable Development Initiative, Mahindra & Mahindra Group’s journey towards becoming a globally recognised Climate Change Champion, we have started designing our first Green Building from December 2007
26 September 2011 | 23rd QualTech Prize
we have started this initiative under the name of Think Fresh Be Green. Every year we are taking new initiatives related to Green. Think Fresh Be Green is being driven at Organizational level.
26 September 2011 | 23rd QualTech Prize
We were using Acidic Bleaching earth which was used traditionally for bleaching of Sunflower Oil for good colour reduction. Due to high price of Acidic Bleaching Earth the impact on Bleaching cost is not affordable.