16 October 2017 | BestPrax Benchmark 2017
The Quantum Culture – the way we treat our external and internal customers is the organization’s greatest asset. From the hiring process - the Quantum way in re-enforced every day that the employee is with Quantum.
12 November 2013 | BestPrax Benchmark 2013
Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time.
7 July 2012 | BestPrax Benchmark 2012
Baby Kangaroo Program-is used as the talent management program. It’s extremely critical for a growing company to develop a pool of managers to take care of the rapid growth . A great majority of our staff have grown in to larger roles via this program.
25 May 2009 | DNA
In a business environment where “labour” is not just another input but the ultimate source of competitive advantage, every organization aspires to identify factors that can attract and retain human capital.
18 May 2009 | DNA
Education and reinforcement of learning are essential to ensure high performance in any organization. Learning is not only a means to survive; it is also a powerful motivator. Thus every organization needs to foster a culture that promotes generation and transmission of knowledge.