Webinar on Turbocharging for Performance Excellence (Part 1)

27 March 2019 | Source: Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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Unanswered questions & answers in the webinar

  1. With respect to the IQMM, where do you place the CMMi model framework as they do also have segments on performance mangement?
    Suresh Lulla: CMMI is a maturity model for software development processes. A CMMI Level 5 would correspond to IQMM Level 5.

  2. Do you think that having focused innovation managers a good idea?
    Suresh Lulla: Leaders should build an organizational culture that has Innovation – Product and Process - in its DNA. Process Innovation should be part of Job Design, Performance Appraisal, and Promotion Policy. Product Innovation could be included in R&D.

  3. What is major challenge you're seeing to implement digitization & IOT 4.0 with Performance Excellence which is need of the hour?
    Suresh Lulla: IOT Solutions should Build Quality into the Design. This requires a proactive approach for Understanding Customer Needs (stated and latent), plus Efficient Best Practices for translating Customer Language to Technical Language. However, this can only happen when leaders build a culture for Customer Obsession. Remember, product life cycles are shrinking from 1000 days to 100 days.

  4. How can we do the similar drive for a more matured organization, without having holistic transformation, but bring real drive on excellence?
    Suresh Lulla: Get leaders buy-in for accelerating transformation. Excellence will happen.

  5. How do you tackle resistance of persons in the chain from effective implementation of quality processes?
    Suresh Lulla: Get participation of managers / workers (who are likely be impacted by the change) to participate in designing the solution. Once they own the solution, there will not be any resistance.
CREDITS: Suresh Lulla, Founder and Mentor, Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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28 March 2019 by Raghavendra B S
sir, As you said all excellence systems have the metrics to measure. you also said the leadership and culture will drive excellence. how does one change the mindset of the employees .
28 March 2019 by Raghavendra B S
should we also not address wealth sharing for employees especially in the MSME sector as a part of excellence move