Qimpro introduces BestPrax Club to Upgrade Quality Management Processes

October 2007 | Source: domainb.com
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Qimpro, which pioneered the quality movement in India as the international representative of quality guru Dr J M Juran, has introduced Asia’s first web-enabled service that offers its members new windows to innovate their generic business practices.

Known as bestprax.com, this “by invitation only” web-enabled service seeks to enable aspiring Indian organisations to accelerate their transformation process. Though it was initially established by Qimpro in 2005, effective 2007, the BestPrax Club has become an independent institution with an enlarged range of services.

BestPrax Club has been founded by Suresh Lulla, the well-known founder and consultant, quality and includes Walter Vieira, consultant, marketing and Nelum Gidwani, consultant, finance.

A “Glocal”, or an Indian best practices organisation with a global mindset, the club is aimed primarily to develop a community of organisations, in India and the Asia Pacific, “that is passionate about innovation and improvement, the cornerstones of success in the new world”.

Qimpro says www.bestpraxclub.com provides a unique mix of offerings, both, for the individual and the organisation. The barometer, a one-of-its kind diagnostic tool that helps organisations conduct online self assessments across locations for which they are given a score and personalised report by the BestPrax Club review team.

On an individual front, the publications on offer namely, Insight and Epsilon encourage and assist original thought. A blog and e-forum are provided as community platforms for discussing managerial practices and for seeking guidance. Collectively, all the services aim at nurturing and enhancing individual potential and organisational success through innovation.

The final objective of www.bestpraxclub.comis to create a database of Power Practices, available to all members to help them reach the zenith in their respective fields. The organisation says eventually what will really propel India forward is when these practices can be shared in an environment based on trust. Where one organisation will partner with another or with three others or four others to exchange practices and thereby not have to reinvent the wheel again and again and again…

Qimpro, over the years, has introduced several quality initiatives such as the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award, ASQ Certification and International Quality Maturity Model.

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