Demystifying Best Practices

30 August 2018 | Source: Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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Additional Questions from Attendees

Question: What is the key to to build quality culture? specifically functional barriers
Answer: Change in culture is top-down. People mimic the priorities of the top leadership. If meeting agendas have Quality as a top item, the grape-wine will take care of the rest.Functions are vertical. Work flows horizontally across functions to Customers. We call this work Process. If the output of a process delights a Customer in terms of Features and Cycle Time, we are Effective and Efficient. On the other hand, if the Cycle Time is inefficient, we need to find the Chronic Problems in the Process. These Chronic Problems are usually parked on the fences of Funtions. They belong to noone. Therefore we require cross-functional project teams.

Question: Best Practice exists somewhere. Next Practices have to be invented. Any thoughts?
Answer: Best Practices deliver efficient and effective results. Most organizations are unaware of their Best Practices. They believe they only have Standard Practices. Competition knows your Best Practices and are quick to copy them. Hence, it is important to Harvest Best Practices in your organization at least once a year. (BestPrax Barometer may help). Best Practices establish mind-share in customers....your branding. Organizations should proactively challenge their Best Practices and grow them to innovative Next Practices (Creativity Labs may help).

Question: How can we improve the right brain skills?
Answer: Right brain is Creative. The right brain is dormant in most executives The right brain can be ignited with Creativity Tools that are most effective when you experience them in project teams for Problem Solving. Examples: Brainwriting 6-3-5; Imaginary Brainstorming; Word Association & Anologies; etc

Question: Isn't the best practices copy-paste among organization hindering creativity and innovation itself?
Answer: YES

Question: Can you give some more details on creative labs?
Answer: Download

Question: Is every innovative idea a best practice? If not, how do we distinguish between the two?
Answer: We need to Harvest Creative Ideas from a Creativity Lab. Say, one out of 200. This idea must then be transformed to an innovative solution. At that point it is a Best Practice. But Best Practices are easily commoditized. So we need the Habit of Innovation.

Question: The general understanding has been is if something can be standardised evetually becomes a best practise and vice versa.Therefore is it that anything that is standard will not be a best practise?
Answer: Standard Practices breed mediocrity. A Best Practice will migrate to a Standard Practice in a short time. The reverse is not true.

Question: How do you identify which departments in an organisation require to be benchmarked for best practices?
Answer: Systems are made up of Processes. Processes are made up of Managerial Practices. Identify the Processes that deliver to a Customer: External; Internal; Society; Mother Earth. Prioritize these Processes based on your organization's Vision.

Question: Do we need to do first internal benchmarking and thengo for external or it can be done parallel?
Answer: In case you are a large Group, it is good to start with Internal Benchmarking. It is economical in terms of time and effort.

Question: Is there a relation between state of mind, and creativity to bring about best practices?
Answer: Think like a child. Bring out the child in you through Creativity Labs.

CREDITS: Suresh Lulla, Founder and Mentor, Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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