Calm the Alarm - A Path Forward for Safe Alarm Management to Save the Patient Lives

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INTRODUCTION The issue of noisy ICU is prevalent in most of the clinical setups. The most common manifestation is in the form of irritation/sleeplessness of patients which in turn results in requests or sometimes demands for shifting out of ICU. It is not uncommon especially in elderly to observe science of psychosis also who have stayed in ICUs for longer time. Thefeedbacks from patients and attendants pointed towards the problem of alarm sounds being one of the commonest culprits. Secondly it was observed while interacting with nursing staff and taking their opinion on working conditions in ICU’s that most of them develop anxiety and sleeplessness due to excessive alarm sounds. Keeping these factors in mind upper management decided to take up this project for well being of ICU patients and staff. Project team comprises of Nursing team(Unit head nursing and Selected ICU nurses), Bio Medical Engineer as continuous in puts are required regarding equipment’s and also quality in charge to study the whole process, analyze the results and formulate an action plan.