Six Sigma Green Belt

A Green Belt is someone trained in Six Sigma skills, often to the same level as a Black Belt. But the Green Belt still has a "real" job and serves as either a team member or a part-time Six Sigma team leader.

Most companies have required large segments of their managers and supervisors to be trained as Green Belts.

The role of the Green Belt is to bring the new concepts and tools of Six Sigma right to the day-to-day activities of the business.


  • To understand the business context of a Six Sigma program
  • To learn how to identify major opportunities for large-scale cost reductions in value creation processes as well as support processes
  • To learn how to apply the D-M-A-I-C process
  • To understand how to lead and manage a Six Sigma project
  • To learn how to dramatically reduce chronic waste, rework and delays in business processes
  • To understand the soft skills required for team facilitation.


The contents of this five-day workshop are:

  • Six Sigma Overview
  • Strategic Planning for Process Improvement and Business Results
  • Define – Teams, Customers, Projects, Tools, & Results
  • Measure - Data Analysis, Tools, Capability, & Measure
  • Analyze - Data Analysis, & Hypothesis Testing
  • Improve - Design of Experiments & Improvement Analysis
  • Control - Statistical Process Control, & Control Plans

Related Course


  • The course is designed for potential Six Sigma team leaders.

Post-Workshop Implementation Support

  • Monthly review of Six Sigma project teams
  • Monthly coaching of Green Belt candidates

Reference Books (Qimpro Store)

  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Primer and Solution Text
  • The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™
  • Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™