Problem Solving Using Quality Improvement Tools

Every great Problem Solver keeps an arsenal of tools handy to wage war against problems and wasteful costs. These are left-brain driven weapons that help create actionable steps towards Problem Solving.

Effective use of Quality Improvement Tools along with a Problem Solving structured methodology, can deliver breakthrough results in terms of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. The art lies in using the tools in clever multiple combinations for problem solving. This two-day workshop enables participants to understand the fundamentals of problem solving and the underlying concepts, application and construction of 10 Quality Improvement Tools through appropriate examples.

The workshop also includes a half-day multi-tool simulation exercise that provides the participants with practical experience on the application of tools, in a variety of combinations. This workshop has been customized for the manufacturing, service and healthcare sectors.

Scope of Workshop

The scope for this two-day Problem Solving Using Quality Tools workshop will include:

  •     Problem Solving 
  •     10 Quality Improvement Tools
         -   Flow Diagrams
         -   Brainstorming
         -   Cause-effect Diagrams
         -   Data Collection
         -   Graphs and Charts
         -   Stratification 
         -   Histograms
         -   Pareto Analysis
         -   Scatter Diagrams
         -   Box Plots
  •     Multi-tool Simulation Exercise

Who Should Attend?

  • The workshop is ideal for three-four groups of six participants each, from the same business unit.
  • Participants should be familiar with key areas of concern. Each group will be facilitated to adopt a problem within a specific area of concern.
  • Class Size: 18-24

Post-Workshop Implementation Support

  • Facilitating and coaching teams on application of Quality Improvement Tools for Problem Solving.

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