Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt is a full-time person dedicated to tackling critical transformation opportunities, and driving them to achieve results.

The Black Belt leads, inspires, manages, delegates, and coaches colleagues and becomes an expert in tools for assessing problems and fixing or designing processes and products.

Without a strong and tireless Black Belt, Six Sigma teams are usually not effective.


  • To understand the alignment of the Six Sigma program, to performance excellence models (Baldrige, EQA, Deming)
  • To understand the role of senior leadership and strategic planning in successful Six Sigma implementation
  • To learn how to support Green Belts
  • To learn how to communicate with the Leadership Council
  • To learn how to dramatically reduce chronic waste, rework and delays in business processes
  • To learn how to coach and counsel Green Belts and Yellow Belts.


The contents of this 12-day workshop (3+3+3+3) are:

  • Performance Excellence Models Overview
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training Overview
  • Enterprise-Wide Deployment
  • Roles & Responsibilities of the Leadership Council
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Statistical Tools
  • Creativity Tools
  • Design for Six Sigma Basics
  • Lean Enterprise Basics
  • Coaching and Counseling

Related Course


  • The course is designed for functional and process managers directly reporting to the Leadership Council.

Post-Workshop Implementation Support

  • Monthly coaching of Black Belt candidates

Reference Books (Qimpro Store)

  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Primer and Solution Text
  • The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™
  • Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™
  • The Black Belt Memory Jogger™