Problem Solving Using Creativity Tools

A structured approach to Problem Solving focuses primarily (and rightfully so) on the identification of root causes. Most approaches assume that good ideas and solutions will naturally flow once the root causes have been identified.

This does often happen…but what happens with tried (and tired) solutions are the only ideas proposed? How can a situation or problem be redefined to create an entirely fresh approach? That is where organizations see stunning results by integrating Creativity Tools with other tool sets.

Creativity at its most basic level—is the process of generating ideas manifold. Innovation is the process of selecting, combining, refined and turning ideas into reality.

Using labs, tools and an infectiously fun atmosphere, this workshop aims to unlock latent reservoirs of ideas and channel them effectively.

Innovative solutions can be aimed at virtually any target:

  • Reducing waste and cost
  • Resolving long standing customer complaints
  • Dramatically cutting down cycle time
  • Breakthrough process improvements
  • Developing new products and services

Scope of Workshop

The scope for this two-day Problem Solving Using Creativity Tools Workshop will include:

  • Problem Solving Overview
  • Problem Definition
  • Problem Reformulation / Heuristic Redefinition
  • Classic Brainstorming
  • Brainwriting 6-3-5
  • Imaginary Brainstorming
  • Morpholgical Box

Who Should Attend?

  • The workshop is ideal for three-four groups of six participants each, from the same business unit.
  • Participants should be familiar with key areas of concern. Each group will be facilitated to adopt a problem within a specific area of concern.
  • Class Size: 18 or 24 (the workshop requires teams of 6 pax each)

Report on Innovative Solution

  • Each group will be required to prepare a report on their innovative solution(s) for the adopted problem

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