The Changed Habit

by Global Indian International School
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The morning prayer starts with ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’ at Global Indian International School (GIIS), Whitefield. This is a daily ritual to calm the mind and breathe in peace as every student starts the day with positive thoughts. Most students follow this, but then Tarun, studying in Grade 7 often comes late, intending to miss the call for mindfulness and is quite happy about it.

One day, the respected Principal of GIIS Whitefield, Mr. Dev Rao makes his popular surprise visits to the classes, and discovers some thought-provoking observations calling for immediate attention. He notices that in many classes, some students are maintaining peace merely during the two minutes of prayer. As the classes start and the day advances, few students including Tarun, show signs of behavioural issues - lack of interest in the class, bullying, feeling lethargic, eating disorders, arguing with classmates for no reason and lack of agility being the most common. The same day Mr. Rao calls for an immediate meeting with all department heads to identify how best they can amend the situation.

arun is an average student managing to score only 46% in academics. He is hyperactive and an annoying attention seeker that makes him a misfit in the class. But his class teacher Ms. Deeksha knows he is capable of better work, if he focuses. He loves physical education classes and football. His teachers are very patient and adjust to his mood swings. His parents, Mr. Anil and Mrs. Padma, cannot stop worrying about him. They say, ‘We belong to the suburbs and want to see our only son score good marks in class.’ Like Tarun, a survey shows signs of behavioral issues in many other students. In another meeting the stakeholders discuss and arrive at a proposed solution. The management approves the initiative stating that the project is well detailed and finalizes at rolling it out as CAP (Child Assessment by Parents) project.

Tarun’s class teacher Ms. Deeksha gives him the CAP form to be filled by his parents. He submits it the very next day. Based on responses provided in the CAP form, Ms. Deeksha now analyses the causes and identifies the patterns. Post analysis, she appreciates Tarun’s good behavior and strikes a friendly conversation with him to choose the right path of counseling and conditioning for him.

These CAP forms are distributed among students and help to diagnose and remediate problems. They enable students to change habits and excel in academics and evolve as better and smarter individuals. This remarkable initiative in GIIS Whitefield under the leadership and continuous guidance of Mr. Dev Rao is helping to strengthen the bond of students with their teachers, parent(s), and fellow students. Students show a positive personality with increase in confidence, better concentration in studies and a pleasant nature.

Tarun receives the ‘Best Student of the Month’ award in his class from Mr. Rao and his parents and teacher are very happy. A total of 10 students are honoured for their achievements based on CAP results. They all recite ‘Asatoma Sadhgamaya’ and this is definitely a proud moment for Mr. Rao and all teachers of GIIS Whitefield.

Lessons Learned

The key learning points from CAP are repeated actions make a habit and habits form character. Habits formed in early childhood lasts for life and define the child. When teachers, students and parents work towards a common goal, success is imperative. Appreciation and affirmation of a child’s virtues substantiated with facts is more likely to become a child’s personality.

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03 November 2020 by Priyanka Bankar
Teachers and parents play a big role in helping students create and achieve these goals that shape the student’s future.
04 November 2020 by Ashima kumar
04 November 2020 by Geeta Bhatt
Beautiful 👍
04 November 2020 by Shivanansda Cs
A fantastic idea to capture and use students behavioural changes as they grow
04 November 2020 by Preetha D'Mello
A novel initiative taken at school level to improve student behaviour and performance
29 November 2020 by Balaji Reddie
Maybe they solved the wrong problem . What if his bring hyper was his natural strength ? You just killed it !