Green for Next Generation

by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
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“Green for future” is associated with corrugated box scrap reduction & Reusing of wooden scrap for packing body parts to save the trees & save the greenery for the future

Once fine morning, went for Operational team meeting, while crossing through, I seen a person packing some parts in Mahindra branded packing, he was throwing the box to Dump bin & when I saw the bin, it was full, surprisingly – I have enquired this to my team members, who told its scrap, but for me it was opportunity to save the trees with potential cost savings 

So I have decided to reduce this scrap to save “trees” which gives us oxygen, explained this concept to my cross functional team members who were very impressed with this theme,

First we have prioritised the parts list which were coming in normal brown non branded corrugated boxes in huge qty, so we have decided to go ahead with bulky parts First , so keeping this in mind, we chosen seats & when we observed wooden scrap we have decided go ahead for recycling woods pieces. 

Seats & Body parts are important parts of Spares business , which has good volume sales, with driving positive change in current process of sourcing of these 2 important commodity parts , it brings good scrap reduction to save nature & to grow business by cost savings

We approached Suppliers and asked them to change the brown corrugated box with Mahindra branded boxes which turned in to Eureka, we have got succeed in this & with WIN – WIN situation with vendor , we implemented prepacking at vendors end,

For body parts we have asked our team to reuse the wooden scrap, which we were getting from suppliers, accordingly our team started using the same & this changed the drastic reduction in wooden pieces scrap reduction across the Mahindra warehouses also it reduced the man hours of packing, as double packing process avoided.

Warehouse team was even having some scrapes in terms of outer cartoons , which our team has advised to go ahead as cushioning material for packing of outgoing parts , with help of BOX SHREDDER MACHINE, we have reused the scrap to reuse these scrapped boxes which have given potential savings.

Project is having potential content  as its include eco-friendly & cost savings with sustainability development , Horizontal deployment from this project is already in process as Farm division parts.

Words From Admin Department of Mahindra - Mahindra is  planting 1.5 LACS of TREES/Year across the India as CSR, 

With this Savings of Rs 32 lakhs/ year is saved & Helped  Avoid transit damage of body shells, Savings 270 trees/ year by recycling scrap wood, 270 trees will generate 70,200 pounds of oxygen/year,

270 tress will absorb 3510 pounds of Co2 /year, Scrap Reduction of 2.6 tones, which helps environmental sustainability for seats  , improvement & process lead time reduction, Parts processing & packing time reduced to 6 hours from 72 hours, Warehouse space utilization.

Lessons Learned

  1. Generation of oxygen through plant is cheaper than other process
  2. Scrap can be reduced & trees can be saved with proper packing solutions
  3. Recycling can be possible solution in some packaging’s techniques
  4. Law of conservation of energy-so we can just turn out our some of the wastes into our useful needs
  5. Sustainability & green development possible through saving trees
  6. Driving positive change like scrap reduction can help for potential savings & Greenery
  7. With Help of packing at one end–NVA activities like double time, packing labour cost can be saved
  8. Process cost & process time can be saved through scrap reduction & recycling techniques
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