Go Big (on quality) or go back to your kingdom!

by Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.
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Once upon a time there lived an emperor by the name of Harsh. Harsh ruled Kingdom of A and was known for his impartiality & for his commitment towards development of his state. Happiness of the people in the state was evident to all the visitors.

King Utkarsh, Emperor of B, was very curious to know the reason for the prosperity of empire A. Since King Utkarsh was busy spending his quality time in resolving the complaints of his people, he sent few of his key members to investigate the reason for prosperity of empire A.

The investigating team came up with a surprising fact that “Prosperity of empire A is due to their good taxation system, which was implemented precisely at all levels without any bias & negative impact on common people”.

Investigating team shared common people feedback on taxation system as:

“Barsat Harsat Sab Lakhai, Karsat Lakhai Na Koi,

Tulsi Praja Subhag Se, Bhoop Bhanu So Hoya”

(Meaning: King should take tax from everyone like sun. Sun takes water from Biological cells to sea and gives in reverse wherever pressure difference occurs in the form of rain. Similarly king should provide for development of state.)

After getting feedback from investigating team, King Utkarsh immediately called his ministry and instructed them to implement good points in his kingdom.

Subsequently, kingdom B prospered. Not only were the people happy but it also witnessed positive growth in sales and increase in buying power of the people, thereby increasing the tax collection. Soon, Empire B became popular for their Quality, Delivery and Cost of their products and acquired significant market percentage of empire A as well.

Worried by the concerns of reduction in sales, minister of empire A met emperor Harsh. He immediately deployed Improvement Ministry on the task to investigate and come up with a sustainable improvement plan to regain customer faith.

During investigation, Improvement Ministry team observed that customer sentiment towards their products had reduced due to defects and multiple follow ups for rework, which in turn increased cost of buying the products & led to customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, products of Empire B had no defects.  Thus, they quickly gained customers’ confidence.

Improvement Ministry team shared their finding to emperor Harsh & suggested the idea of First time right (FTR). King Harsh instructed & initiative of First Time Right (FTR) was launched in empire A to facilitate all producers to regain their market leadership position.

Soon, their hard work benefitted & manufacturers of empire A implemented all actions that were identified for improving the process of FTR. It also helped them to reduce their operating cost for better profit margins.

Saving in lacs realized through FTR improvements. This benefit was again transferred back to customers by reducing cost as per their legacy in state, led by emperor Harsh.

Empire A regained the position of market leader & became a model empire for all the neighbouring kingdoms.

Lessons Learned

  1. Company is a thought that govern by companies leadership
  2. Leadership evaluated the current & future conditions.
  3. Quality/feature is dynamic ,needs to be reviewed from time to time
  4. Identify market requirement proactively
  5. Ensure customer delight
  6. Don’t justify your product, listen to customer requirements.
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