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by Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.
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In KNPL, we always try to replace the word “impossible” with “I am possible”. This becomes visible when we consider all failures as an opportunity for developing better ideas to reach the goal.

Our QA head being experienced in Manufacturing Excellence always analyse  issues before solving it.

During his initial days in QA head role, he analysed and found that, solving residue complaint will resolve the major issues faced at our OEM customer end. Residue is some ungrounded particles which will chock the paint guns while application at customer end.

He was confused on how to resolve the  issue and approached the Production Engineering Head who is an expert in finding solutions and hence nicknamed as doctor in our factory. Through a detailed analysis of process, he concluded that residue issue is mainly arising at the time of cartridge chock while filling. Further, they tried to find out why residue is entering the containers along with the final paint, even though filter is present. They dismantled the filtration unit and found that there is a gap between filter cartridge and its fixture and the residue particles are escaping through these gaps to the paint containers.

Now here comes the role of a Mechanical engineer who is capable of redesigning the cartridge fixture that suits the existing unit. Our Mechanical team under the leadership of Mr. Senthil started the brainstorming session and came up with multiple solutions. Initial 3 designs failed to suit the existing unit.

This disappointed the team and they even thought of handing over the case to filtration unit manufacturer.

Our Works manager and Production head, who are very keen on utilizing existing resources before any third party involvement, directed the team to take trials and took responsibility of batches getting spoiled during trials.

This gave motivation for the team to gear up their thoughts further and finally arrived at a fixture design which suits the existing unit and solves the residue issue.

It was surprising that zero batches were spoiled while conducting the trials. After all, satisfying customer is more important than satisfying internal stakeholders. Therefore, we invited our customer to visit our site and judge the improved design as per their requirement. Our customer team was very glad to see our involvement in developing such a design.

Believing in the confidence which we have given back to them in sustaining quality, they suggested us to do one more project to avoid any case of wrong label on containers or containers without label. Since labels pasted on containers are the only source to identify the product details, it is critical to paste the correct label on containers.

Being a Japanese company, we believe in their practices, and therefore we planned to develop “Pokayoke” which means mistake proofing. We are having a system in water based paint filling line where the container position is corrected with the help of a sensor at the time of printing. Keeping the same logic in mind, the same engineering members developed a sensor, which sense the abnormality in label and stop the filling line till the abnormality is cleared. The details of the label can be pre fed into the sensor unit using a USB. To our surprise, this pokayoke was well appreciated by customer and they even gave an opportunity to display this in their premises to their other suppliers.

The journey of Kaizen in KNPL still continues.

Lessons Learned

  • Motivation and insect eye view are most critical parameters for improvement and breakthrough thinking.
  • Failures are opportunity for developing better ideas
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22 November 2018 by Saravanan Velu
Excellent story, not looking like a project story . Story clearly identifies which character played which roll in the project. Utilising existing resources efficiently in an organisation is good. Always failure should be identified as an opportunity for a improvement
22 November 2018 by Tamilvanan Rajagopal
Correct saravanan.. we should take forward..
22 November 2018 by Tamilvanan Rajagopal
Very good kaizen and improvement project..we can implement in all areas of our supplier... Thanks to Qimprove for sharing such good practice...Pl share such good kaizen in future too...
22 November 2018 by Dhiraj Patil
Work is defined in a very good sequence and with an excellent write up.
22 November 2018 by Saravanan Velu
Thanks Dhiraj san
22 November 2018 by Ramadass A
Good kaizen... Transformational idea
23 November 2018 by Bhuvan Kumar
Clear story which shows important to
Motivation planning execution and involvement
Really excellent
23 November 2018 by Sathish Kumar
Good team effort with excellent guidance.
23 November 2018 by Ammaiappan C
Very good team work in finding a solution to overcome the issues
23 November 2018 by Thirumoorthy Mani
Good Job team!!! I really appreciate the way you resolved the customer issue with tremendous kaizen. This makes a big difference for the company.
24 November 2018 by Praveenkumar V
Both are good Kaizen and also from this story one thing has been once again proved team work gives a better result in the all the way
24 November 2018 by Vinoth Kumar
Good kaizen .... .good team work .. failure is the key to success ..
28 November 2018 by Anil Chaturvedi
Really it has given result in customer complaints reduction.
06 December 2018 by Kirupakaran Ganesan
This is wonderful example of team work and self-belief.My heartfelt congratulation to all whoever involved in this project
02 November 2020 by Dastagir Sutar
Good Gemba improvement worth implementing in applicable areas!!!!!