The Magical Spell…Success Secret of the Magnificent Dynasty!!

by Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
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In the world of Max Life, is a magnificent dynasty (Agency Channel), led by a powerful king, who possess the “Magical Spell” (AWS), that transforms his soldiers (Agent Advisors), into one of the most superior, and successful armies, that is responsible to secure the financial future of the population through sale of insurance plans.

The magical spell comprises of 3 powerful ingredients; Discipline, Skilling and Technology that lead to higher Productivity and Retention. To receive this spell, the soldiers need to fulfill the ‘Criteria’, which convert them into a ‘Qualifier’, who delivers better results.

Soldiers must ensure to consume regular dosage of the spell given by their leaders and trainers, by visiting the base camps (offices) of the dynasty spread across 203 cities, divided in 6 provinces (zones).

For soldiers, the benefits include; personal grooming, skill enhancement, avenues for long term career in the strongest armies and additional earnings on being a qualifier, while for the dynasty, the benefits include; establishing superior army that aspires to deliver quality advise, and serves the dynasty for a lifetime, to maximize growth and revenue.

At the onset of financial year 2017-18, Rajguru and Pitama called the King and said, “Son, we are relying on your magical spell, which is a key strategic pillar to drive the steep revenue of Rs.700+cr. required from your dynasty this year. Soldiers, who consume the spell and become qualifiers, contribute 50% towards the revenue generated by your dynasty. However, the current productivity of your qualifying soldiers is Rs.79k. Son, time has come to improve the power of the spell, for improved productivity inorder to achieve our goal.

The King called the Mahamantri and Tenali Rama, his trusted men and said, “I am giving you both a critical responsibility of improving the per qualified soldier productivity to 1Lac, go and find the success secret to improve the magical spell”.

Mahamantri and Tenali Rama formed a team of ministers from all six provinces. This team of experts studied various parameters impacting the power of the magical spell like, attendance at the base camps, sales meeting done, soldier demographics. Team also visited base camps to conduct ethnography.

On completion of the study, a detailed report of the impacting causes was prepared, and jointly the team identified ‘Success Secrets’ (solutions) to enhance the magical spell thereby improve productivity. The team led by Tenali Rama, under guidance of Mahamantri worked hard and implemented solutions across the dynasty.

The relentless efforts improved productivity from 79k to 1.12Lac; 32k lift per qualifying soldier. As a result, the dynasty contributed Rs.66.55cr. incremental revenue and 50% growth in productivity of the army.

Control measures helped sustain performance, and productivity touched 1.20Lac, resulting in 118cr. accrued benefit by financial year end.

The phenomenal results achieved by the team were shared with the King, Rajguru and Pitama. They were extremely delighted and rewarded the team with the highest honor, given to those who deliver quality work towards the dynasty growth.

The King felt immense pride on seeing his qualified soldiers’ rise to new heights, keeping alive the glory of the ‘Magnificent Dynasty’ and the ‘Magical Spell’..!!


  • Rajguru and Pitama: Project Selection Committee
  • King: Sponsor (Head of Agency)
  • Mahamantri: Champion
  • Tenali Rama: Blackbelt
  • Ministers: Project Team

Lessons Learned

  • Change is inevitable and necessary even in the most evolved processes.
  • Simple steps taken with clear objective by a passionate team can deliver big results.
  • Working to improve factors which add value to the workforce and culture are the key to success.
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23 November 2018 by Vinayak Gupta
Amazingly crafted and well written piece of work. The story puts across the message with such ease and has made it interesting by using characters that we always love to have in an enchanting story. Job well done !!!
23 November 2018 by Amitabh Kharbanda
Nice story telling style
23 November 2018 by V Viswanand
Well executed project and captivatingly narrated too!
23 November 2018 by Sanjana Kapoor
Beautifully written, keep up the good work! The results are also worth a mention... Tremendous hardwork...
23 November 2018 by Jyotsana Sachdeva
Very beautifully written. Amazing job on the project !!
23 November 2018 by Priya Joshi
Amazingly narrated the hard work done by the team...good luck!!!
23 November 2018 by Sheetal Duggal
Very impressive and well articulated the project in form of a story ... excellent work done by the entire project team ... good luck
24 November 2018 by Anu Agarwal
Very well written piece. Excellent project