The Problem

The Stage

You’ve avoided drinking too much water and you’ve held it for hours, yet no matter what you do—sometimes that trip to the college washroom is evitable!

From the odor, to the slippery floors, to garbage collection, to the horrific cubicles! Nothing seems right.

You’ve been through it and know where the gaps lie! How about doing something that revolutionizes hygiene in the washroom forever?

Your Challenge

Set audacious stretch goals for eliminating the symptom you pick! We don’t just want ideas; you’ll actually have to display your solution in application!

Project Ideas

Symptoms of the Problem

» Foul odor
» Unclean urinals/cubicles
» Garbage collection

Pick any of one these symptoms and eliminate it. You may choose a symptom beyond this list as long it mars your washroom experience.

The objective of this is to reduce the unpleasantness of the washroom by a certain quantum. Eg: By eliminating foul odor, the washroom was now 40% more pleasant to use.