While we are in Lockdown, why not invest this time to refine our organization’s managerial practices?

Here is a unique Do-It-Yourself structured approach.

The first step is, “Where am I?”. For this we need to assess the quality of our organization’s managerial practices, on-line using Qimpro’s BestPrax Barometer, individually or as a group of colleagues.

BestPrax® Barometer

BestPrax Barometer Scope

The BestPrax Barometer is constructed around 12 management categories, the drivers for Performance Excellence. At a detailed level, they are collectively populated with over 100 world-class managerial practices.
1. Leadership
2. Strategic Planning
3. Customer and Market Focus
4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
5. Cost of Poor Quality
6. Human Resourse Focus
7. Value Creation Processes
8. Support Processes
9. Supplier and Partner Focus
10. Improvement and Innovation
11. Internal Quality Audits
12. Business Results

DIY Process

Registration Fee: Rs 9,500 plus GST per category

For more details, kindly write to us at connect@qimpro.com

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