Quality Fables Competition

Win this unique competition with your story-telling skills!

A Quality Fable™ is a 500-word narrative of your project as a fictional story.

There is an art to writing Quality Fables...

  • First take a look at the three winning entries from our past editions to get an idea of the tone, the style and the length of your story.
  • Then select an interesting project experience or initiative done by your organization and capture it into a Quality Fable™ using 500 words or less.
  • Run your entry by your Corporate Communications team before submission. You will score points for a well-crafted Quality Fable™

Our first three editions attracted 185 entries. The winning entries were:


Winner - Quality Fables Competition 2018

Wisdom, Love & Care of Grandma - JSW GBS

Once upon a time there was a Grandma, she was so wise and popular among the children of the village, that all of them used to come and sit with her during the evening at the temple compound.

Winner - Quality Fables Competition 2017

Game of Clones - Max Life Insurance

Empire of Max Life was ruled by the famous emperor Akbar. His soldiers were trained to sell insurance and secure the lives of its subjects. Max dynasty spread its wings across 205 cities

Winner - Quality Fables Competition 2016

STREAMing Quiet Time - Wockhardt Hospitals

"A place where we came for quiet is the place where we found it the least". This statement by one of our patients during our patient rounds set us thinking about noise levels in our hospital.


Quality Fables Competition