Quality Fables Competition

A Quality Fable is a 500-word narrative on how your project was conceived. The non-technical story behind your project.

Your story telling skills can win this unique Quality Fables Prize.

There is an art to writing Quality Fables...First take a look at the Sample Quality Fables to get an idea of the tone, the style and the length of your story. Then select an interesting project experience or initiative done by your organization and capture it into a Quality Fable using 500 words or less. We urge you to run your entry by your Corporate Communications team before submission. You will score points for a well-written Quality Fable.

An eminent panel of judges will assess the entries and select the winner and runner-up of the competition. The winner entry will be converted to whiteboard-style animated videos and showcased at the QualTech Prize finals.

Each project submitted for the 30th QualTech Prize will receive a complimentary registration to the Quality Fables Competition.

There is no limit to the number of Quality Fables you can submit. For each additional entry there will be a fee of INR 5000 + applicable taxes per entry.

Quality Fables Competition