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Proces Innovation

The field of Performance Excellence has evolved significantly over the past three decades.

While Problem Solving for Continuous Quality Improvement is still at the heart of any Performance Excellence process, it is not sufficient to ensure that organizations will s very competitive marketplace.

Continuous Quality Improvement focuses on Faster, Better, Cheaper performance.

The current need is Faster, Better, Cheaper, Different. This calls for Continuous Innovation.

Innovative organizations are working to combine the left-brain incremental approach to Continuous Quality Improvement with revolutionary right-brain ideas that will help them surpass their competition in the marketplace. The cutting edge for this approach is an organization-wide application of Creativity Tools to traditional Problem Solving methodologies.

Creativity, at its most basic level, is the process of generating many ideas.

Innovation is the process of selecting, combining, harvesting, refining, and translating the best ideas into reality.

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