32nd QualTech Prize - Examiner FAQs

32nd QualTech Prize - Examiner FAQs

1.    Who can be an Examiner?

  • Any individual who has worked on improvement / innovation / sustainability projects and has minimum 5 years of work experience.
    While selecting Examiners, Qimpro Certified Qualitists will be given priority.

2.    I do not live in India. Can I still be an Examiner?

  • Since the process is online, location is not a limitation.

3.    What are the benefits of signing up as an Examiner?

  • Access to learning from varied industry projects in Improvement and Innovation
  • Expanding learning and development of one’s Problem Solving skills through examining other projects
  • Appreciation of challenges in implementing structured methodologies
  • Recognition as a QualTech Prize Examiner
  • Networking opportunities with the finest Quality and Innovation practitioners in India and beyond
  • Inspiration to inject the Quality journey within your organizations
  • Know-how and orientation for one’s own project entries for the QualTech Prizes
  • Complimentary non-transferable registration to attend the one-day virtual event

4.    What is the work content and effort that would be required for assessment of the assigned projects?

  • Each Examiner is assigned up to 5 projects which need assessment against pre-set criteria. Each project assessment requires up to 2 hours of effort. Assessments need to be completed in two weeks from when they are assigned.

5.    Is there any monetary benefit to the Examiners for assessing the assigned projects?

  • This is a voluntary service. There is no monetary compensation.

6.   Is there any cost to the Examiner’s organization?

  • This is a voluntary service taken on by the Examiners in their personal time. The Examiner’s employer has no involvement in the assessment process.

7.    Is there any travelling involved during the assessment for site visits etc?

  • There are no site visits hence, no travelling involved. All project assessments are done online based on the data provided by participants in their project reports.

8.    What recognition is given to the Examiners at the end of the process?

  • Each Examiner will be honored with a e-Certificate of Appreciation and a ‘QualTech Prize Examiner’ digital badge.
    Examiners photographs and brief profiles are also prominently displayed for all website visitors. Our Past examiners can be viewed here.

9.    Do Examiners need to pay to attend QualTech Prize final presentations?

  • Each Examiner will receive a complimentary login to attend the online final presentations.

10.    Will Qimpro bear the cost of travelling, accommodation etc.?

  • QualTech Prize 2021 is a virtual event and therefore no travel is involved.

11.    By when can I register?

  • Qimpro must receive your request to be an Examiner by 31-May-2021.

12.    How do I register to be an Examiner?