The Competition

29th QualTech Prize

The QualTech® Prize Competition has a project management focus. More specifically, Process Improvement projects and Process Innovation projects.

A project is a problem scheduled for solution - Dr J M Juran

Every process delivers a product / service / document. Each output of a process requires a customer.

Customers are:

  •  Internal - for Support Services and Supplier Services
  •  External - for Service Delivery and Manufactured Goods Delivery
  •  Society - for CSR Services
  •  Mother Earth - for Sustainable Actions

All work requires a customer-supplier chain. This chain should ideally perform without problems. But that is not the case. Problems exist. Problems persist.

Sporadic problems are solved by treating the symptom. We are not referring to such problems.We are referring to chronic problems where the root cause requires remedy.

Chronic problems are usually solved through left-brain logical Improvement methodologies. This leads to the QualTech® Prize for Improvement.

Chronic problems can also be solved through right-brain Innovation methodologies. This leads to the QualTech® Prize for Innovation.

Cross-functional teams solve chronic problems. We are looking for such teams to participate in the 29th QualTech® Prize Competition.

New Feature: The Quality Fables Competition. Tell us the story behind your project. Share the fable and unlock the soul of your project. Your story telling skills can win this unique prize.