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    In its 28th Edition, this is India's biggest platform for Problem Solving.

    Whether you are from Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR or IT - if you have solved a problem, sign-up

  • Qimpro Awards

    Celebrating Excellence by recognizing Statemen and World-class leaders in Business, Education and Healthcare.

  • Advisory Services

    Our expertise is in Problem Solving, Continuous Quality Improvement, Six Sigma, Business Excellence, Benchmarking for Best Practices. Have the best in Quality come to your organization for accelerated transformation!

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    A cutting-edge digital course which equips you to learn how to solve chronic problems and deliver breathtaking results in terms of costs saved. Set audacious targets like delivering 1000% ROI on CTC!

  • Qualitist Certifications

    Formalize your specific quality experiences and knowledge into a professional qualification. Qimpro is the Gold standard in Qualitist Certifications in India!


    Qimpro is the Indian Partner of Quality Council of Indiana, USA. QCI specializes in comprehensive up-to-date study materials for ASQ exams since 1991.


I have observed with great admiration the evolution of Qimpro over the past two decades. What differentiates Qimpro is its singular passion for transforming Indian organizations, and their human resources, into world-class quality assets. Examples abound. In addition, I have personally experienced the transparent and robust processes Qimpro follows for recognizing individuals, teams, and organizations. I consider each of these three processes themselves emerging as `best practices’!

- Dr R A Mashelkar, National Research Professor, CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow and President - Global Research Alliance

Thank you for sending me your two slim volumes of ‘Quality Fables’. I am thoroughly enjoying them. The format, the content and writing style are a perfect match, the lessons simple to understand, and the quality issues you have selected to focus on are so endemic and widespread. Great work Suresh!

- Dr Gita Piramal