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    Qimpro is the Indian Partner of Quality Council of Indiana, USA. QCI specializes in comprehensive up-to-date study materials for ASQ exams since 1991.


Our sincere thanks for delivering a talk on Quality for Hospitals at Medicall Delhi [on 10-Sep-16]. It was a thought-provoking and energising lecture. We are looking forward to many such talks from you sir.

- Srivatsan V, Director, Bio Vedas Consultancy

Tata Power has participated in the harvesting of best practices by the Bestprax Club for three cycles in a row. We have found the process tremendously rewarding, and aligned to our journey towards business excellence. Starting with the process of identifying the best practices that reside within our organisation through a methodology akin to appreciative inquiry that involves critical people in the organisation, to the process of defining, articulating and then presenting those practices in a forum where other organisations are also there to share their best practices, and finally to present these practices in an international awards process where our practices are evaluated and critiqued, and where we get to learn about other organisations' best practices is a rich and rewarding way to learn and share. The fact that this is done in a way that celebrates our strengths, rather than focuses on our opportunities for improvements is a refreshingly different way to build on what we are good at doing.

- Vivek Talwar, Chief Culture Officer, Tata Power