Problem Solving 2.0

A college degree is no longer a guarantee for employment. Structured Problem Solving is industry's No.1 demand from recruits today.

Problem Solving 2.0 is a cutting-edge digital course which equips students and professionals to learn how to solve chronic problems and deliver breathtaking results in terms of costs saved.

Embark on the Problem Solving journey and become employable, deployable and profitable!

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Problem Solving Prize

Everybody claims they know ‘Problem Solving’ on their CVs, but do they?

As one of India’s finest Problem Solvers—we at Qimpro are looking for the next generation of mavericks who can solve problems, and bring amazing results for their future companies!

Your task is simple! Solve one of your biggest problems as a college student!

But remember, your solutions must have tangible benefits! You’ve got to show your creativity and back it up with hard/real numbers!

Who’s up for the challenge now?

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Champions League

Qimpro Champions League (QCL) is an initiative exclusively for students. It focuses on seeding Quality and Innovation in future professionals.

We stimulate discovery-based learning through a series of engaging challenges.

Five Unique Challenges

  • Flow Diagrams
  • Cause-Effect Diagrams
  • Histograms
  • Pareto Diagrams
  • 4 Steps to Effective Problem Solving
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Study material from Quality Council of Indiana for ASQ Certification Exams

Exam Schedule:

Apply by: 14-Aug-15

Apply by: 16-Oct-15

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...You have collected a very worthy list of awardees for the occasion.

- Dr J J Irani, Retired Director, Tata Sons

This is just to convey how much I enjoyed the Award Function of 19 Nov 2015. Normally all Qimpro functions are excellent; but this, I felt, was exceptionally great. What a selection of the award winners!! It is so inspiring. As a Qimpro Gold Standard, I am humbled. Thank you for your invitation. I have no adequate words to appreciate the fantastic work done by Qimpro. Choicest bouquets to Jigisha and her team.

- Dr R H G Rau, ex Mukand, Qimpro Gold Standard 1992